Deaf aware side twoInformation on this web-site explains the work undertaken by Lions Clubs International to promote Deaf Awareness in the British Isles.

Deafness is a hidden disability. It is difficult to know if the person you are talking to has heard or understands what you have said.

Deafness is the 2nd largest disability in the British Isles, only surpassed by mobility.

Over the years the number of people with a hearing impairment has increased. In 2001 reported figures suggested 8.3 million people in the British Isles suffered from a hearing impairment and this figure has risen to 10.6 million people in 2013. It is thought this figure will rise to 13.3 million in 2016. These figures do not take into account the estimated 4 million people who do not officially register they have a problem with their hearing.

Imagine 1 in 6 people of our community being unable to hear clearly what is being said to them or unable to communicate what they want to say.

The concept of helping people with a hearing impairment started in East Anglia, in District 105EA, with the formation of the “Hearing Trust” in 2003. The formation of a  national Committee, to be known as the Hearing Forum , will enable Deaf Aware Training to reach more people throughout the British Isles and Ireland. Subjects covered in these Training Sessions include background information about deafness and how to communicate with others and practical exercises.

The Hearing Forum is a group of Lions from different parts of the British Isles and Ireland who aim to improve the quality of life of a deaf person by providing resources for them and training for members of the hearing community so both can communicate more effectively with each other.

Lions produce and distribute resources to help the hearing impaired.

Please contact MDHQ  for more information, booking Deaf Aware Training Sessions, or obtaining resources.

Tel no 0121  441 4544

Email speechhearing@lionsmd105.org

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