Hearing Forum Aims

Aims of the Hearing Forum :-

  1. To help people who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate effectively in a hearing world.
  2. To promote awareness of the problems a deaf or hard of hearing person experiences.
  3. To provide the hearing community opportunities to learn about a range of communication methods and resources so they can communicate more effectively with a deaf or hard of hearing person.

In order to achieve these aims the Hearing Forum will need to:-

  • Increase the numbers of qualified Deaf Aware Trainers
  • Increase the number of training sessions provided to both Lions and non- Lions
  • Provide publicity and other appropriate material via the World Wide Web, Lion Magazine, District and District Governor’s Newsletters, National and Local press.

Members of the Hearing Forum

  • Lion Penny Tregillus, MD Health Portfolio Co-ordinator / District 105A Speech and Hearing Officer / Deaf Aware TrainerLion John Cheetham, MD Hearing Trust Project Leader / District 105EA Speech and Hearing Officer / Dear Aware Trainer
  • Lion Steve Cooper, District 105C Webmaster
  • Lion Tom Berry, Ex-officio MD Charity Treasurer
  • PR/Marketing